Audio & Video Sources

Readers of The Reluctant Apostate will be familiar with the “Notes” section in the final pages in which references for all quoted material are supplied. When quoting from material that was originally in audio or video form, a numbered system is used for the relevant links, which are as follows:

  1. “Young people, ask yourself”: January 2015 JW Broadcasting episode
  2. “The slain are gonna be from one end of the earth”: Anthony Morris talk
  3. “I’ve seen what happens to humans when they’re mangled”: Anthony Morris talk
  4. “Jehovah is perhaps gonna use radiation”: Gerrit Losch talk
  5. “So now this shows that she’s just not equipped”: Samuel Herd talk
  6. “Then he pointed in the distance”: Barbara Anderson testimony
  7. “The owner and I began to talk about Rutherford”: Barbara Anderson testimony
  8. “So most of the college students go for that reason”: Gerrit Losch talk
  9. “I remember telling a friend of mine once”: Anthony Morris talk
  10. “Now, I have to mention this, something I’ve observed”: Anthony Morris talk
  11. “What will be the disastrous result”: Anthony Morris talk
  12. “Now sometimes young ones feel”: David Splane talk
  13. “You know, all five of us, we have something in common”: Mark Sanderson talk
  14. “Well now, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, as runners”: Charles Sunutko talk
  15. “easy way to keep the generation straight”: David Splane video
  16. “The Governing Body very much feels the urgency”: Stephen Lett video (12:00)
  17. “Every family head realizes that where the household income is limited”: Samuel Herd announcement
  18. “Well, this is quite touching”: Anthony Morris talk
  19. “a good example of faith”: Anthony Morris talk
  20. “Our goal is not to destroy the Jehovah’s Witnesses”: Irwin Zalkin interview
  21. “The process of being a Jehovah’s Witness”: Karen Morgan & John Viney interview
  22. “Another way we can contribute to the oneness”: Stephen Lett video
  23. “Our policy as an organization”: Anthony Morris video (01:00)
  24. “I accept that child abuse is a problem”: Geoffrey Jackson testimony
  25. “Stewart: Would you disagree then with anyone who said”: Geoffrey Jackson testimony
  26. “Is it not the case that had Jesus been asked”: Geoffrey Jackson testimony
  27. “Stewart: Perhaps you can address that question specifically”: Geoffrey Jackson testimony
  28. “If ever there was a group that needs the sun to shine on them”: Rick Simons interview
  29. “all wrong”: Roman Vargas video
  30. “Stewart: And when a person is disfellowshipped”: Kevin Bowditch testimony
  31. “One can view cults as a kind of lens”: Sam Harris podcast
  32. “Imagine if your neighbor claimed to believe”: Sam Harris speech
  33. “Isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that almost everyone”: Richard Dawkins speech
  34. “Gay Byrne: Suppose it’s all true”: Stephen Fry interview
  35. “Any God who would allow children by the millions to suffer and die”: Sam Harris speech
  36. “It can take people many years to recover”: “Undue Influence” press conference
  37. “I like surprises”: Hitchens debate panel video