The following websites are recommended for those researching Jehovah’s Witness beliefs and practices:

  • – Unquestionably the best one-stop resource for an objective analysis of Witness teachings, including various scandals from Watchtower history.
  • – A website allowing current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses to catch up on some of the latest JW-related news and developments, and express their views in an annual global survey.
  • – Barbara Anderson’s website has an impressive array of documents for those researching Watchtower history.
  • – An excellent resource for doubting Witnesses, including an online repository of out-of-print Watchtower literature stretching back to the 1800s.
  • – A website that debunks Watchtower dogma regarding blood transfusions.
  • – An online community of ex-JWs dissecting the latest news and events involving Watchtower. The “exJW” sub-Reddit offers a wonderful resource for those in the process of leaving and in need of a hearing ear.

Recommended YouTube channels:

  • The John Cedars Channel – Lloyd’s popular channel features videos debunking Watchtower teachings and dissecting the organization’s video propaganda.
  • JWfacts – This is Paul Grundy’s YouTube presence, featuring a number of excellent videos showcasing his trademark logic and calm, non-sensationalist reasoning.
  • Ex-JW Fifth – The channel of a former Bethelite, pioneer and ministerial servant going by the name of “Fifth” who has recorded a series of insightful interviews with individuals who have similarly forged a path to mental freedom.
  • Apostate Chick – Stephanie produces excellent vlog-style videos in which she gives her perspective on various Witness-related issues and dilemmas, often with a welcome injection of humor and wit (and even the occasional bit of rapping)!
  • Telltale Atheist – This channel takes a broader look at cults and atheism in general, but Telltale will often focus on his experiences with the Witness faith. His trademark style of narrating while an illustration unfurls on the screen is very relax- ing, and the information is well organized and presented.
  • ExGilead Missionary – This YouTuber put out a small number of videos between 2008 and 2010 before going silent. His videos are extremely well-informed due to the fact that he went through Watchtower’s Gilead training program (as the channel name suggests!) and was helped to awaken partly due to being underwhelmed by the “spiritual food” on offer. The relaxed, instructional style of the videos, together with the skillful use of the Bible, make them extremely relatable for those only just finding their way out of Witness indoctrination.