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It’s hard to believe that 18 months have passed since I published my first book, The Reluctant Apostate! My plan was always to supplement the book with a website that could keep readers updated on developments in my life – including any new books, videos, events or media appearances.

Unfortunately, as so often happens, life overtook me and I got distracted. But now, lo and behold, ReluctantApostate.co is finally here! With the assistance of a very kind, helpful reader of the book (who also happens to know his way around websites!) I now have the online resource I always wanted.

Look out for future posts of a more personal nature than my articles for JWsurvey.org. I will be writing about what gladdens and maddens me. I will be drawing your attention to exciting new developments in the ex-Jehovah’s Witness movement. And I will be giving you a heads up on any interesting projects or events in which I am involved.

For now, I want to sincerely thank all those of you who have supported me in my work, whether through backing me on Patreon or simply sharing words of positivity and encouragement either on Facebook or Twitter, or in the comments section of the various videos on my John Cedars YouTube channel. Since The Reluctant Apostate was published in January 2017, I have been in the extremely fortunate position of being a full-time activist, and I am thrilled to have reached a situation where my passion for exposing cults (especially Watchtower) is also my job.

It’s a tremendous honor to be so involved in this work, and I don’t for one moment take for granted the unending stream of love, kindness and solidarity I receive from you all. It is my hope that, in the years ahead, this website will help us keep in touch more closely that we can all share the journey from cultic fear and control to intellectual freedom.

Sincerest thanks!

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